Flags Campaign: Meet the World

Check out this project from Grande Reportagem, a Portuguese news magazine that is recognised for its investigative reports and excellent photo-journalism. The "Flags Campaign" focuses on the concept of "Meet the World." The creative team for this project used the colors on flags to transmit statistics about social and political issues relevant to various countries. The statistics were thoroughly researched and come from information given by the United Nations, Amnesty International, and other national institutions. The US flag is quite funny...Flags Campaign: Meet the World … [Read more...]

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tourists on the Prowl

K Kelly has finally arrived in-- well, somewhere hereabouts Asia, and was recently spotted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, trying the patience of geckos, who are widely believed among reptilian experts to be imperturbably tolerant. But apparently, tall Anglo tourists poking formidable camera lenses at their noses waiting for a striking pose can trigger a long-dormant evolutionary response of sighing. "This is a groundbreaking discovery. Who knew that geckos can sigh?" Albert Felbrek of the Center for Gecko Studies at Harvard University gushed yesterday. A gaggle of animal rights activists were gathered outside the traumatized gecko's cement crack abode while Mr Kelly bewilderedly insisted he did not intend to harm the urban wildlife. Fellow … [Read more...]

The Mighty Mighty English

Unbeatable. Unstoppable. A most superlative cast of characters is literally a word or two shy of the million word mark. Tres cool tres cool all! Here's some more lingual trivia: There are 6,912 living languages per the language clock on Language Monitor. The top spoken languages, in order, per Info Please : Chinese English Hindustani Spanish Russian Arabic Bengali Portuguese Malay-Indonesian French "According to traditional estimates, neighboring Germany has a vocabulary of about 185,000 and French fewer than 100,000, including such Franglais as as le snacque-barre and le hit-parade." (This site has English at 500,000 official words and another 500,000 uncatalogued.) Words in the Language The lowdown on the … [Read more...]

Remote ordering extra fries

It is Khmer New Year-- Chunpo Chnam Thmei to y'all by the way-- and despite all counterparts in the Ministry of Health off on vacation and/or firing short of a synapse for weeks before and after the holidays, we foreigners are here at work. That craving for things not-so-Cambodian has struck again. And for some odd reason those golden arches plucks at the fringes of fancy-- it isn't really what I'm hankering for, but McDonalds are momentarily reminiscent of the familiar {{shoot me now}}}. So check this out: How about remote-ordering extra fries? Ah the things I miss out on...In Other News...Deanna Hirschey and her fanny pack have been spotted in Cambodia fretting over endangered monkeys at Wat Phnom and feeding hungry street children … [Read more...]

news you can lose…

Coming up for air.... US Won't Get Into Civil War, But Will Sort of Hang Out in the General Vicinity White House Issues New Port Security Guidelines "Every friendship requires vulnerability,” Mr. McClellan said. “We demonstrate our love for our friends in the United Arab Emirates by trusting them, without regard to previous wrongs.” ...and Jon Stewart on Larry King Live--cuz he's da bomb Jon joined Larry King last night and talked about the administration and Democrats in depth. Larry asks him if he'd like things to be bad, kinda like O'Reilly saying that left wing websites want the US to fail because Bush is in charge. Video-WMP low res Video-QT (transcript) KING: You don't want Medicare to fail? STEWART: Are … [Read more...]

Merriest sentiments this side of the Rock

Adapt? Haa bumbug!Avian flu paranoia thwarted my joneses for that turkey dinner spread. We were told by the maître d' at a premier establishment, Le Royale, how pleasantly surprised they were that all three whole turkeys (quote unquote don't forget the emphasis) they imported for the Thanksgiving Dinner buffet were consumed.... Hmm, to feign appropriate shock astride a diametric quip of american gluttony on tip of tongue.... Likewise in the sweetest misguided gesture, some colleagues this week inflated a large squash in the office and decorated this jack with blinking lights. What is--?? It's a christmas pumpkin, I'm told cheerily.:-| Oh.Riposte-riddled mirth in season's greetings: PricelessCheers to y'all living abroad and/or apart of … [Read more...]

Past Plagues Are Prologue

Disease is a fascinating study, a microbiological commentary and defensive mechanism to the stresses placed on our socio-economic environment. Given the Avian Flu situation here in SE Asia, I thought I’d dig up an article by Andrew Nikiforuk. It’s a well-written piece geared at the Toronto policymakers in response to the SARS scare several years ago. But in light of recent announcements by WHO on the possible pandemic Avian Flu presents, the editorial still bears relevance. Past Plagues are Prologue by Andrew Nikiforuk edited 10 Feb 2010: since the above link no longer works, here it is re-posted: Epidemics always teach us something, says author ANDREW NIKIFORUK. One SARS lesson is that we're too dependent on hospitals - which … [Read more...]

Just another long weekend

Yet another speedy exodus of the expats from the country for the long holiday weekend of Pchum Ben, a Bhuddist event honoring spirits of ancestors by bringing offerings of food to the temples. I spent some time catching up on news from the US, more especially the debates--er, confusion--surrounding the Harriet Miers nomination. “Trust me,” George W. says, in all seriousness. Blunt object please… … [Read more...]