it makes your head hurt

A LOL great find from Flowing Data for those of you who love data graphics.   … [Read more...]

a magazine “for people who give a damn”

Above is a great series of videos from the YouTube GOOD channel. This one was taped last year, and is quite timely for starting this year's holiday season. I love data visualisation blogs. There are so many infographics published every day, and these data scientists critique the transparency and fairness of the data, as well as the presentation of the message. One of the blogs I came across is GOOD, which is a quarterly US general-interest magazine founded in 2006 with a focus on social issues, politics, and sustainable living. Check out their website. It's chock full of questions and features to stimulate dialogue and collaboration for solving some of the world's biggest problems. Billed in its first release as a "free press for the … [Read more...]

the Khmer side of SE Asia’s politics..

Young journalists and bloggers are not plenty in the Kingdom, but they are gaining in numbers and spine. From just a few bloggers you can count on one hand in the early 2000's to, literally, hundreds today, these guys are now lending a decidedly Khmer voice to the contentious politics of Cambodia, the ongoing belligerence with Thailand and shrewd maneuverings with Vietnam. Events have traditionally come from a skewed Western or Thai perspective. So I'm glad to see the increasing articulation of the Khmer point of view. Here are two new bloggers I just found. Worth a watch? We'll wait and see. Son of the Empire (politics) Tumnei, a Photo Diary (culture) … [Read more...]

More fodder for hate

The nationalist fodder continues, tit for tat... THE government took control of the Thai-owned aviation firm Cambodia Air Traffic Services (CATS) on Thursday and banned its Thai employees from the offices after the arrest of one of their co-workers on suspicion of stealing the flight schedule of fugitive Thai former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra during his visit to Cambodia last week. The move, which is likely to further damage diplomatic relations between the two countries, comes amid accusations by a Thai opposition leader that Thailand’s foreign minister ordered the theft. from the Phnom Penh Post So CATS is now in the "caretakership of a Cambodian government official". I might just have to delay my flight back into the … [Read more...]

Thaksin– LIVE in Cambodia

Recent actions of Cambodia's PM Hun Sen, inviting former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra to live in Cambodia and take a post as the Economic Advisor-- on the eve of a regional meeting of ASEAN at that!-- have now come to a very tense head. Thaksin, who initially declined the offer, arrived in Cambodia. The average Cambodian is largely ambivalent to the storm of fury across the border. Generally speaking, an enemy of Thailand is a friend of theirs. But this matter isn't to be taken lightly. Here's what Details Are Sketchy has to say: ... Thaksin’s current visit to Cambodia is not merely some political stunt designed to enrage the Thai establishment — although it is certainly that — but part of a larger strategy aimed at regime change in … [Read more...]

and the pot calls the kettle black (Thailand on Cambodia)

Hun Sen Shows Lack of Class and Tact, an editorial by The Nation (one of Thailand's English-language news publications) on 25 Oct 2009, says of Cambodia's PM: Holding on to power by any means and turning his once war-torn country into his personal playground would not count for much in terms of achievements in this day and age. Under his rule, Cambodia continues to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We think the Cambodian people deserve better. And the Political Prisoners of Thailand blog responds: Just in case anyone wanted to compare the Cambodian government with that in Thailand, the writer claims that “the current Thai government came through a parliamentary process, not because of the 2006 coup.” No one would … [Read more...]

on the Public Option in US health reform

With the complexity of health reform, dialogue often strays into tangential issues including some intentionally confusing ones like immigration, government, political ideology etc. We need to focus on the need for public option in the first place. Here's Gillian Hubble's take on, 03 Nov 2009: Political games are alive and well in Washington, D.C. First the House releases HR 3962, a disappointing bill with an optimistic and completely misleading name – the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Then the GOP decides it’s an opportune time to release its own bill, which House leader John Boehner says will lower cost and expand access by “making the current system work better” with less government intrusion into the private sector. … [Read more...]

H1N1 (swine flu) vs the seasonal flu

H1N1 globally, according to the WHO the swine flu global death toll tops 5,700: in the Americas - 4,175 deaths have been reported since the first appearance of the disease in April. Southeast Asia - 605 deaths West Pacific - 465 Europe - 281 East Mediterranean - 111 Africa - 75 H1N1 vaccine development has stirred the controversy surrounding inoculations. The Atlantic questions the impact of a swine flu vaccine, while Newsweek tries to tackle the inoculation misinformation. And Effect Measure explains the epidemiology of a pandemic flu (eg H1N1) versus a seasonal flu: ...the main feature [is] not the clinical characteristics or the virulence of the virus. So far this looks pretty much like a standard … [Read more...]