Kermit Ruffins’ A Saints Christmas

Here's a great piece by jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins. All I want for Christmas is the Saints in the Superbowl! Who dat wear that Black and Gold! Geaux Saints!! Here's a list of other Saints-inspired covers, including an awesome number by Hunter McGregor from MySpace, Here We Go, Soldiers of the Black and Gold. … [Read more...]

A pharma christmas carol

from Pharma Gossip, a little carol (to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"..) Got rest us, pharma CEOs, let nothing we concern Ineptitude will not reduce the millions that we earn Our management is failing yet we think we need not learn No tidings of comfort or joy Comfort or joy For the scientists we used to employ God bless ye, Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer’s dubious accolade A corporate malfeasance fine, the largest ever paid Regarded as a simple cost of business, I’m afraid Sad tidings of marketing fraud Marketing fraud Sad tidings of marketing fraud Financial joy for Fred Hassan, now Schering Plough’s been sold His second mega-golden parachute can now unfold And twenty thousand Pharma hands once more are … [Read more...]

Xmas tunes: Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Hellsing!

the group's an all-star heavy metal cast. who'd've thunk punk metal rockers with their v guitars goes with classical music goes with dracula anime?? music's such a unifier... fun eh?... i see the cringing... :-) . … [Read more...]

Merriest sentiments this side of the Rock

Adapt? Haa bumbug!Avian flu paranoia thwarted my joneses for that turkey dinner spread. We were told by the maître d' at a premier establishment, Le Royale, how pleasantly surprised they were that all three whole turkeys (quote unquote don't forget the emphasis) they imported for the Thanksgiving Dinner buffet were consumed.... Hmm, to feign appropriate shock astride a diametric quip of american gluttony on tip of tongue.... Likewise in the sweetest misguided gesture, some colleagues this week inflated a large squash in the office and decorated this jack with blinking lights. What is--?? It's a christmas pumpkin, I'm told cheerily.:-| Oh.Riposte-riddled mirth in season's greetings: PricelessCheers to y'all living abroad and/or apart of … [Read more...]