Phnom Tamao Wildlife Center for a birthday party

We've been to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center several times and I'm always impressed with it. The grounds are large - it's certainly possible to walk from one exhibit to the next, but a vehicle would be useful. They have many exhibits. I still haven't seen all of them. Most animals have a fairly wide area to roam (they aren't confined to small concrete cages as I expected). They're rescued from accidents or illegal wildlife trade, and rehabilitated. Those that can't be released back to the wild stay on the grounds. The center is staffed by dedicated conservationists, and they're routinely visited by experts in specific species. Our little boy and his friend celebrated their birthday together, so we took them to the Rescue Center with … [Read more...]

Santa Claus has come to the Penh

Our son's first word (apart from mama and papa) was elephant - every time we pointed to an elephant in one of his books he'd say "peh-pet". Last year he was still a bit young to appreciate the celebration of Christmas, and was afraid of Santa Claus, even when he arrived with his favorite creature, Sambo the elephant. This year we milked that naughty/nice list idea cuz it works like a charm - it'll be a treat to watch this little boy on Christmas morning now that he knows better. Sambo, happily, is no longer a regular on Phnom Penh's busy riverside. He retired this year to a zoo. … [Read more...]

Popsicles from Malaysia

I love these popsicles once in a while. They're one of the few interesting ice cream brands I've seen in Cambodia. By interesting I mean the flavors are local, not the typical imported vanilla chocolate strawberry. They carry red bean, sweet yellow corn, durian, taro (this is the least tasty flavor unfortunately), and black glutinous rice. I've only ever seen them in the bigger TELA gas station mini-marts or at the Paragon grocery store (behind the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh). … [Read more...]

Cervical and Breast Cancer in Phnom Penh

I've been asked recently by a few Khmer colleagues about where to go for cervical or breast cancer in Phnom Penh. There is increasing expertise in the private sector, but it's hard to refer people to those facilities when the reviews of the care is mixed. Below are two health and medical networks that have specialist teams on site who can do screening, diagnostics, counseling and treatment for cervical and breast cancers. They seem to have good reviews from the barang physicians I work with. Check on their website and/or call for more information or for an appointment. HOPE Worldwide – There are three facilities depending on income level. There is also some grant funding to cover expenses if cost is an … [Read more...]

Breakfast at Rising Sun

As I've written before, Rising Sun Bar and Restaurant has one of the best iced coffee in town. (I posted last year about a street stall in front of a hang bai that also makes great coffee). They use a Vietnamese drip called a phin and triple brew it. In the evenings, ask for it spiked with Baileys or Kahlua. The Pho at the shop across Rising or at the corner guest house are average, but I was craving the coffee and just couldn't do an English breakfast so I got a pho. … [Read more...]

Things that keep a little boy happy through a night-time power cut

Elections are over. Could it be that's why the rolling power cuts across the city have started back up? :-( … [Read more...]

Cineplex theaters in Phnom Penh

We used to treat ourselves to a trip to Bangkok just to see a movie on the big screen. I remember we twice checked out the local Khmer films. They sold fruit instead of popcorn, which was nice. But the air con was poor, the sound quality was horrible, and conversations including mobile phone calls were rampant. Once, about halfway or more through the film, the reel unexpectedly stopped and they started it right back at the beginning. Only the three or so foreigners sitting in the theater looked around, baffled, while everyone else seemed fine with it. It was not the theater experience we're used to. But now we have two very nice cineplex theaters in the Penh! Seats are big, screen and sound quality is great, and they even start on time! … [Read more...]

Veterinarian options in Phnom Penh

Got a dog. A co-worker gave me one of his puppies like it was an extra tomato from his garden. Since he started getting increasingly agitated as I protested, I just told him to bring it to my house - it was the middle of a workday, what was I going to do with it? Big mistake. He got a name, Iko. Hubby and our little loved him. So I looked for a vet. Thankfully there's a gold-standard in vet care in town (Agrovet), but for routine visits I'm not real interested in paying the high fees, especially after the poor service during puppy's first visit there. Likely in the case of trauma or severe illness we'd take him back to this clinic (from comments on the Cambodia Parent Network it seems I should specifically ask for the main vet there, … [Read more...]